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Hi, my name is Rich and I love solving human problems through unique physical and digital experiences.

Brought up with a family history in UK manufacturing, I initially studied 3D Design and Design Engineering.

I spent a decade working at agencies with huge brands like Huawei, Honda, Ford, SFR, Cobra and Laithwaite's, managing multi-million pound marketing, advertising and consulting design projects.

In the last five years I've been heavily focused on leading the creation of 0 - 1 chat and video products in the eCommerce space, first at Hero and now at Klarna.

In my spare time I like to code and work on random engineering / science projects with my kids.

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Take away the pain of allergies and intolerances with fun, simple and detailed QR Code Menus for street vendors, market stall holders and small food venues.

Child's Pay

Childcare payments calculator (not live)